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What do we offer?

We will give you information that will allow you to pick your TOP life priorities for the next 5 years. You will set your achievable goals. We will give you the planning tools to fulfill your planned expectations. We will follow up with you to reframe, adjust to changing circumstances, and remind you of your commitments. This 5-year planner will allow you to live a healthy balanced life, starting today.

Foundations of Career and Financial Freedom

Diversify your risk by generating strong financial foundations. Reflect upon your professional life, set your specific long-term goals, and discover different paths to achieve financial freedom, recognition, and networks. We will develop a 5-year schedule to help you track your progress. 

Foundations of Knowledge and Personal Growth

Enhance your knowledge of the world. Reflect upon your passions and interests and how and where to find them, set your specific long-term goals, and discover different paths to achieve happiness.  We will develop a 5-year schedule to help you track your progress. 

Foundations of Relationships and Health

Amplify your safety net. Invest time in creating strong relationships. Reflect upon your habits and interior growth, set your specific long-term goals, and discover different paths to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We will develop a 5-year schedule to help you track your progress. 

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the foundational planner


"You know, it's funny, companies have these 5-year strategies, these plans of action, right? They lay it all out, they've got their goals, their targets, and every quarter they take a step back and assess their performance. They see what's working, what's not, and they adjust accordingly.

But people, we don't do that. We don't have a 5-year strategy for our lives, we don't have a plan of action. We just kind of go with the flow, see where life takes us. And that's fine, but wouldn't it be great if we approached our lives the way companies approach their businesses?


Think about it. If you had a 5-year plan for your life, you could set yourself up for success in a big way. You could make sure you're on track to achieve your goals, your dreams. And then every quarter, you could assess your performance and make tweaks if necessary.


We have a proven methodology that delivers long-term results in reshaping your life. Your life is defined by what and how you perform daily tasks. With the use of information, real-life cases, and exercises you will have access to the BEST knowledge about your life planning. 

Crystal Hemoglobin Structure


With our methology you will define your life long term priorities: family, career, relationships, health, knowledge, spiritual growth and define specific 5 year goals for each of them.




the foundational planner

Thanks for getting here!! You are probably wondering: Why am I going to trust this webpage? Who is behind this? How this information applies to me?  Should I go back to scroll through social media?​ My name is Charles. For ten years I have invested 2 hours per day towards my interior growth (not always successfully but consistently). While doing this I have managed to fund a wine importer company and a consulting firm. I have had 2 executive jobs that required top commitment. But also, and certainly more important than my professional career, I got married to the woman I love and with whom I have the strongest relationship in my life. I also have 3 kids who are being raised with much love. I have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am learning as never before, I am creating and discovering new interests and passions. I am dreaming about the future and wake up excited to face the day with passion.  This may seem like a usual scenario, or like another guy who wants to say his life is perfect when it is not. Life is all but perfect, getting things done is hard, but I am happier than ever, moreover, I have found an unlimited source of happiness I´ll tell you about in a bit. To get here I have taken many faith leaps, I have challenged society and its paradigms to find out that achieving happiness is easier than it seems, but at the same time, achieving happiness requires a strong and consistent mindset. Now... I want you to have the tools I have developed. I want you to create your OWN and UNIQUE path to happiness, with a little help to get there faster.   How have I managed this? 1. Plan ahead and develop a tight schedule. Your mind and heart are always looking for happiness. If you make time for everything you want and love to do they will nourished. If not, you know what happens. I make sure my day includes my top priorities and use military rigor to accomplish them all. 2. Prioritize every day, all the time. You day is you life. Life is made up of days. So try to put the important thing for you in the best spots. Try to win some work flexibility and never put others before you. Do not let down your priorities for a lower one that happens to be people first’s. 3. Avoid distractions at all costs. Plan what you won’t do. And learn to educate your will to say NO. Don't let yourself get sucked into social media, TV, or other time-wasters that can eat up precious minutes and hours. 4. Be a healthy beast. Top 10% in your age. This includes eating habits, mental strength, and physical performance. Mens sana in corpore sano. You cannot perform well in this multi action life without good physical form. 5. Sthreghthen you priorities regularly and update your action plan weekly. Revisit them. This may seem obvious but this is the key to persevere. I guess folks in AA do this for a reason and it works. 6. Always keep growing: have dreams. Write them down and make a plan to achieve them. Have hunger for knowledge. Read a lot and nurture yourself with experiences.  7. Keep accountability. I developed the foundational planner because it gives you the chance to have all the tools plus a coach. This is worth well… a life well planned. This is a glimpse of the information you will receive in the course. I have developed a tool for you to take control of your life.  Every day. Going back to basics. Set up a call and we will find out. First call is almost free.

why choose us?

Benefits of planning

With our planning service, you'll have access to expert guidance and support to help you create a customized plan that works for you. 

Time commitment

Investing just 5 hours in a planning service can make a world of difference in your life. With expert guidance and support, you'll be able to create a customized plan that fits your unique needs and goals. 

What you will end up with 

You wil have acces to top knowledge and preactical tools that will allow you to plan your life effectively.

Become a mentor

You can gain experience and become a mentor so that you can help others to grow.

Full refund guarantee

You can have a full refund if you are not satisfied with our service. No questions asked. 

The life planner package:

  • 5 Business Cases 

  • Access to goal-setting methodology 

  • Goal-setting brainstorming session (with Mentor)

  • Access to the Foundational Planner Schedule (Includes weekends and holidays)

  • Access to the Foundational Planner Weekly Newsletter

  • Access to the Foundational Planner Library

  • Quarterly reframe (with Mentor)

  • 30 min

    99,99 dólares estadounidenses

99,99 US$


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