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Initial Assessment

Let's discover what trully moves you. What are your real goals and what you want out of life.

  • 30 minutos
  • 99,99 dólares estadounidenses

What do we offer

Are you ready to step into the glittering world of self-discovery and holistic planning? Let us embark on a scintillating chat that will last a mere thirty minutes. A set of questions, as delicate as a string of pearls, will allow us to gain an initial glimpse into your aspirations. Then, we shall unleash a momentary assessment that will last but five minutes, like a shooting star in the night sky. And finally, we shall present you with a treasure trove of resources, including a dazzling e-book, that will guide you towards a world of masterful planning. So, hold tight and let's begin this magnificent journey together. You will have a conversation with our founder Charlie using the Lifer assesment methodology.

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