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Leadership Coaching (hourly rate)

  • 1 hora
  • 600 dólares estadounidenses
  • Location 1

What do we offer

Fermin: You know, my friend, I've seen so many people burning the midnight oil at their jobs, sacrificing their health, relationships, and hobbies, just to find out too late that they are not happy. Daniel: Yeah, it's a sad reality. Fermin: Sad? Ha! It's more like a comedy of errors! People work so hard to get ahead, only to realize that the things they thought would bring them happiness don't actually make them happy at all. Daniel: I guess you're right, Fermin. It is kind of funny. Fermin: Exactly! It's like they are running a marathon, and they don't even know why they are running or where they are going. They just keep running and running, until they finally collapse at the finish line. Daniel: So, what's the solution, Fermin? Fermin: The solution is simple, my friend. Just stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, "What do I really want in life?" If the answer isn't what you're doing now, then change direction. Don't be afraid to make a U-turn and find a path that leads to true happiness. Life is too short to waste time on things that don't make us happy. "Attention all professionals, regardless of your stage in your career! It is essential to have a comprehensive plan that adapts to the changing circumstances of life. That's why we offer you a comprehensive course that will help you set your priorities for the next five years and beyond. Our expert guidance will help you create a dynamic strategy and plan that evolves with you, ensuring that you are always on the right path towards success and happiness. In this course, you will develop yearly, quarterly, and daily plans that encompass key aspects of life, including career, personal growth, relationships, financial knowledge, virtuous habits, and family. With our comprehensive approach, you'll have the tools and guidance to navigate life's challenges and make lasting changes. Trust in our expertise, and take control of your future today!"


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